Des Moines’ Premier Bridal Show Coming Sept. 11

Attending Your Wedding Iowa’s Bridal Forum last fall was essential in planning my Iowa wedding, (now only two weeks away!). Not only did the show allow me exposure to the best local vendors, but the whole day gave me a beautiful memory in my engagement. AND IT WAS FUN!!!!

Although I attended the show almost a year ago, the day I spent with my mom is still prominent in my memory as my wedding is now quickly approaching. Since she lives four hours away, most of our planning sessions have been conducted over the phone. Bridal Forum gave me an excuse to get her here in person, knowing we could finalize several things in one day.

And that’s exactly what we did. In just one day, we narrowed down our options for cake, flowers and music, decisions that would have taken us months to figure out with our back-and-forth communication. Seeing and speaking to vendors together in person made the process a million times easier.

Mom and I enjoyed indulging in cake tasting and caterer samplings, even sipping glasses of wine while we weaved our way through the dozens of vendors. We were blown away by the elegant flowers decorating the Sheraton’s lobby and the warm hospitality.

A proud bride with my Bride-to-Be sticker!

A proud bride with my Bride-to-Be sticker!

It was great to explain my fairytale theme to the various decorators and florists and to hear their reactions. Some went out of their way to find the exact hue of the pinkish-red flower I was looking for; one even tracked me down after I had left her booth with a picture of the perfect flower I had in mind. I had the feeling that everyone there truly cared about bringing a bride’s vision to life, and that was important to me.

As a bride, attending bridal shows is one of the only times you know you are surrounded by people who are going through the same things that you are. Everyone you pass has just as big a smile as you, because they’re planning the most exciting day of their lives as well. You are treated like a bride, even with a sticker and goody bag! And if you can share this dedicated day of planning with your mom or bridesmaids, Bridal Forum truly makes for a memorable and enjoyable part of your journey to the “I do.”  It was a special day with my mom that I’ll always remember.

Bridal Forum gives you the opportunity to put a face to the pages in Your Wedding Iowa magazine and a conversation to our online portfolio. Whether you’re newly engaged or far into the planning, you will walk away from Bridal Forum with fresh ideas, new contacts and maybe even one of the many prizes! At Bridal Forum you can:

  • Compare the work of over 80 talented local wedding professionals,
  • Gain fresh ideas for decorations, food, beauty and more,
  • Register to win prizes, specials and discounts,
  • See the latest trends in bridal fashion, décor and design,
  • Meet DJ’s and musicians in person, and TASTE CAKE!!

Most importantly, you’ll gather a few months’ worth of wedding planning into one fun-filled day.

Register now to get in on the prizes, and we hope to see you September 11!

Bridal Forum takes place Sunday, Sept. 11 at the Sheraton Hotel in West Des Moines from 11am to 3pm. Admission is free and gives you access to over 80 exhibitors, over $6,000 in prizes and certificates, and countless ideas and inspirations.

As the countdown continues to our wedding day (only 12 days as I write this!), I am relieved to have attended Bridal Forum where I met so many of my vendors. Bridal Forum is truly a day of ideas, inspiration and fun, an experience of the best in Central Iowa wedding planning. Don’t miss it on September 11!

Happy planning!

Your bride-to-be blogger,



About the Blogger:
Michelle Chalkey is a bride-to-be with her wedding coming up on Sept.3. With less than two weeks to go until her wedding at the Tournament Club of Iowa, she has learned the do’s and don’t bothers of wedding planning. Michelle is a Des Moines-based freelance writer. Her writing has appeared in Iowa Living MagazinesAround Iowa, and Parachute by Mapquest. To learn more about Michelle, visit her website at