4 Reasons to Create a Wedding-Only Email Address


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A new bride has a million things to think about. When getting wrapped up in planning the fun details, be careful not to overlook a simple step that makes a huge impact on the planning process: creating a wedding-only email address.

I thought creating a wedding-only folder within my personal email was good enough, but I learned my mistake about a year into the planning. In attempt to clean out my mess of emails, I somehow deleted my wedding-only folder! I spent a good amount of precious planning time tracking down a year’s worth of emails.

Don’t make my mistake. Take a minute to set up a separate email account dedicated only to wedding-related business. This quick trick makes your pre-wedding life easier by enabling you to do the following:

  1. Minimize distractions. Mixing in bridal blog updates with your personal email creates distraction. Focusing on one thing at a time, whether it’s wedding planning or sending an important document to a colleague, is less stressful on you.
    Tip: Keep email stress at bay by staying organized and creating folders for each vendor.
  2. Include your groom. Avoid miscommunication with your groom and keep him in the loop by giving him access to the details. This is also great because you can keep updated on an area he is in charge of.
    Tip: Give your groom the password to the email account and create a folder just for him.
  3. Make it easier for your wedding party. A message from your wedding email address will stick out to your bridesmaids, and they’ll likely check it right away. Everybody involved in your wedding will be able to stay organized with your details.
    Tip: Give your party your wedding email address right away. Just don’t bombard them with wedding emails, or the priority factor might have the opposite effect.
  4. Keep up on deals. When you have your wedding-related emails in one place, you can sift through them easier and be alert when your favorite photographer has a special going on. You don’t want these to get lost in your personal email and miss out on an opportunity to save money.
    Tip: Check your wedding email regularly so you don’t miss sales and specials.
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How to Set Up Your Wedding-Only Email Address

Use a free email provider, such as Gmail or Yahoo, to create your wedding-only email address. Naming your address can be as simple as “yourmarriedlastname-wedding”. To make things even easier on you and your vendors, make an email signature with you and your groom’s name, a phone number, wedding date and location.

Creating a separate email address may seem like another nagging task, but doing so saves you time and stress. Keep things straight by getting a wedding-only email address right away. I sure wish I would have done this sooner…. Happy planning!


About the Blogger:
Michelle Chalkey is a Des Moines-based freelance writer. Her writing has appeared in Iowa Living Magazines, Around Iowa, and Parachute by Mapquest. Michelle is also a bride-to-be. With only a month to go until her wedding at the Tournament Club of Iowa, she has learned the do’s and don’t bothers of wedding planning. To learn more about Michelle, visit her website at http://www.michellechalkey.com.